Counseling In Westchester County

New Rochelle, NY

Kathleen London Friend, LCSW is the best place to find counseling in the area of New Rochelle, NY. Kathleen London Friend, LCSW offers premier counseling in Westchester County. If you need counseling and you don't know who to turn to, then we are here to help you get through the tough times emotionally.

Kathleen London Friend, LCSW offers marriage and family counseling. If you are in a marriage and you no longer enjoy each others' company, then counseling is a great idea. If you find that counseling doesn't repair the issues that both of you have with each other, then it may be time for both of you to part ways. Counseling usually can help a marriage stay together and continue to grow. If you are experiencing marriage issues, we encourage you to contact us and we will talk to you about the ways in which we believe we can help you in your specific situation. Kathleen London Friend, LCSW is also your go to source for other family counseling needs. If you are experiencing difficult times with other family members, Kathleen London Friend, LCSW is here to help you navigate those tough times. Marriage and family counseling is what we do and the type of work that we take pride in.

If you are looking for the best counseling in Westchester County look no further than Kathleen London Friend, LCSW. Kathleen London Friend, LCSW can help you with depression issues. We know that depression can be extremely difficult to come out of. Because of this we take the utmost care and caution when counseling people with depression. If you are ready to change your life around, then we are here to help and guide you. Contact us if you are ready to become a better person.