Marriage And Family Counseling

Pelham, NY

Kathleen London Friend, LCSW is here to help the residents of Pelham, NY. Kathleen London Friend, LCSW is the best in the area when it comes to children and adolescent counseling. When you are dealing with children and adolescent counseling there needs to be a different angle that you approach the counseling from. The same things won't work for them as they work for adults. Kathleen London Friend, LCSW knows all the ins and outs of counseling people through a wide variety of tragic events. If you want to learn more about the way in which we can help you, rest assured that we will answer all your questions thoroughly.

Kathleen London Friend, LCSW takes pride in the work that we do because we believe that everyone deserves to be emotionally healthy. If you have reasons to believe that you are not emotionally healthy, then we highly encourage you to contact us. There are a lot of events and things out there in the world that can trigger a depression. Many people fluctuate between states of happiness and sadness. If you find yourself stuck in a state of sadness, then this should ring bells that you need professional help. The longer you allow yourself to remain sad the longer it will take for you to defeat it and realize that you still have a great reasons to continue living and enjoying the remainder of your life.

Kathleen London Friend, LCSW is the best in the area of Pelham, NY when it comes to couples counseling. If you are looking for professional couples counseling, we encourage you to give us a call. We look forward to helping you see life the way it was meant to be seen. If you or any loved one is suffering from depression, we are here to help.